Nure-Onna A snake with the face of a woman. The live by seas or rivers and their hair is always wet. Nure-Onna are vampiric and lure humans to them by acting as a distressed woman holding a baby. They will ask the victim to hold the baby which will suddenly become a boulder that will render the victim immobile, allowing the Nure-Onna to feed. The Nure-Onna is often partnered up with the Ushi-Oni


Nuppeppo A small yokai with a featureless wrinkled face and short limbs. Sometimes referred to as a "blob of meat", the nuppeppo has the smell of rotten flesh and is even rumored to be made out of dead humans. Its harmless and usually walks alone in empty streets or by graveyards and abandoned temples. Sometimes it will wander in groups with other nuppeppo. Eating its flesh grants eternal youth. Up next: Kitsune Oni Tengu Yuki-Onna