Banshee A wailing female spirit whos cries fortel the death of a family member of the listener. Her cries are referred to as "keening" which is a traditional vocal lament for the dead in Gaelic Celtic tradition. It is believed that Banshees only seek those of pure Irish descent but the Welsh counterpart of the banshee known as Gwrach y Rhibyn seeks out Welsh families. Banshees are commonly depicted with extremely pale skin, long ragged garments, long white hair, and red eyes from their weeping.


Baobhan sith A vampiric female fairy that seduces men through dance and then slit their throats with their long nails to drink their blood once they are too exhausted to overpower the Baobhan sith. They have hooves instead of feet that they keep hidden beneath their long dresses. They live in mountains and forests and their primary targets are highland hunters since they are drawn to the scent of the blood from the hunters' kills. Like most fairies they have a weakness to iron.