Some cool sites I've found while exploring the vast world of the internet~~~ (cha cha cha~~~~)
Maybe you'll see something you like? who knows :o
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Want to see how many views a page of your site has? How about how many visiters you've gotten? Use this Site! It gives you some choices on what your counter will look like and gives you the HTML code with it! It's very easy and simple to use. Postpet216 A cute site with AMAZING 3D graphics [site is in chinese] YNOproject A hub for online multiplayer Yume Nikki and Yume Nikki fangame. Virtual Bong "The World's First Fully Interactive Virtual Smoking Device!" I think it's alittle broken though Hamster status (aikanime) : A site so you can make statuses of your dear ol' hamster!! Feat. Hamtaro! [site is in german]