Entry 2. I sadly can't remember much from my dream last night except me being friends with and hanging out with the red guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. I think at one point we were making funny faces at eachother and his face morphed into some strange bull creature and morphed back. I have some vague memories of me playing an RPG simular to Yume Nikki except that the style was more akin to a Gameboy Color game (simular to pokemon Gold and Silver in terms of color scheme) And there was an effect in the game that turned you into an owlish creature that was found by interacting with that same owlish creature and a world with a dark purple and blue color scheme. Lastly I have some memories of going to some sort of fair and there being a dangerous person but I can't remember much of that.
Entry 1: I had a dream that I was playing animal crossing and I went fishing and you could see clearly what types of fish were in the water and I saw something sort of whale-like so I tried fishing it out and a disgusting bloody mass of rotted whale came out and the message "Congradulations you caught a whale carcass" popped up on screen and my character let it go while frantically wiping her hands on her clothes from disgust.