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 Because I'm an edgy loser who enjoys herself a nice healthy dose of fear.

Saw (2004)

I was nervous to see this one because I was always told how scary it was. It definitley was disturbing but overall very enjoyable! -I saw the fact something strange and glowing went down the drain would come up later lol (that being the key) -ew he put his hand down toilet Silent Hill 2 style.

yuck!!! XD -Adam ^.^ -tf was with the pig head? Is that another character? (rhetorical, do not answer this)
-I know Dr.Gordon was having a mental breakdown when he sawed his leg off over a phone that was a little out of his reach but he could have told Adam to pick up something off the ground and toss it in the direction of the phone to knock it over to him but it's a horror movie so of course he's gotta saw the whole thing off. -The chains they had didn't look like they could shock them like they did. They just look like plain chains and cuffs (who knows, there could be some sort of shocking apparatus in the inner walls of the cuff?) but I persoally believe the orchistrator behind the whole deal implanted some kind of chip inside of them that would shock them via a switch or button. -wack sped up editing -Puzzles were pretty cool -Adam did not try at all playing dead lol
-I would simply curl up into a fetal position and become unresponsive until he killed me or something, not playing along with the 'kill that guy next to you' crap -But then again....puzzles ARE fun... -I really liked the setting of the cell being a dingy nasty bathroom because again...It reminds me of Silent Hill...and I really like Silent Hill... Very ineresting aesthetic! -Sadly the movie was interupted by outside factors several times so I didn't have the ideal viewing experience. ALWAYS make sure you'll have nothing to distract you before you watch a horror movie!!! -I wonder if the sequels will be worth watching?