Links to some cool creepypastas/creepy stories I've found. Maybe one day I'll write an original
    but in the meantime here are some links. When you think of creepypastas usually the first thing
    that comes to mind is a poorly written gorefest made by a preteen but these stories that I've
    found are certainly exceptions to this stereotype. Something about how these were written has
    eiter intrigued me by its concept or made me feel a little more nervous when alone in my dark 
    room with nothing but unerving silence at 1am 0_0. Nevertheless I hope you can enjoy these as
    much as I enjoyed them! Of course some of the content in these are disturbing (yeah no shit) so
    read at your own discretion.
  • The Electro Elect
  • Normal P*** for Normal People (a censored version)
  • Barbie.avi
  • Built to Be Loved
  • I Found a Digital Camera in the Woods
  • Tulpa
  • The Lilies Are Bleeding
  • The Eisenhower Interstate Phenomena
  • The Wyoming Incident
  • Where Bad Kids Go (note:this reminds me of an actual kids show "Tomorrow's Pioneers"... creepy shit)
  • The Russian Sleep Experiment