There is absoluteley nothing that I love more than telling people the most
skin scrawling and disturbing facts casually in conversation. And now I 
have you as my captive and willing audience to see SeaSlugSoup's worst

(or fun if you're a freak like me)

Specially bred maggots are used in the medical field to eat away at infected
or damaged tissue. They are commonly used for diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg
ulcers, gangrenous bed sores, even burns. While this sounds disgusting, it is
worth noting that these maggots are indeed clean. This practice has been used
for thousands of years! 

A teratoma is a tumor (potentially benign or malignant) that most commonly grows
in the ovaries or testicles. They can grow different body tissues including:
muscles, teeth, bone, eye tissue, and brain matter. 

The word 'sadism' originates from Donatien Marquis de Sade, a french author 
known for his extremely violent and disturbing works. His most well-known
book is the infamous "The 120 Days of Sodom". A bonus fact is that the 1975
film adaptdation's director was murdered 3 weeks before the movie's release.
Details regarding Marquis de Sade, his books, the movie adaptation, and the
murdered director are all extremely gruesome and disgusting so research with