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Sometimes I look in the mirror and I get nervous and self concious that I don't look 'feminine' or 'cute' enough . I feel that the clothes I wear aren't feminine or that I always look sloppy and poorly put together. But what is feminine? The clothes that I wear are not real, they do not matter, they physically exist but they mean nothing besides warmth and material. They mean nothing about the person beneath the flesh. Facial structure means nothing. It is the random positioning of orfices and organs based on random yet limited genetic probability. It is a factor outside of your control so it is pointless to dwell on. Hair means nothing, it is extended strands of keratin and its ammount or style does not matter. Every physical part of yourself is out of your control, you never asked for your body but here it is, yet the organs within it mean nothing about the person except for the brain. But at the same time, style and physical presentation is the projection of personality, thought,s and beliefs into a form that can be viewed and percieved by others. But again, style is a construct created by humans that in the end, does not matter. Nothing technically matters in the grand scheme of anything unless you insist that it does. I don't know what I'm talking about anyway. Despite all of this rambling I still want to be percieved as cute and pretty by members of my stinky dumb species. Being cute is nice. I don't put effort into my appearance because I don't have time to, I always have something else to worry about. Plus makeup takes too long and makes me look like a clown (in a bad way). 12/13/22