Ah, greetings, welcome.
  Here is where I hold the artwork I make for the site itself or art I feel
  comfortable enough to show you guys :) 
  If you steal anything I will kill you.
  Hikki-san! She is one of the 2ch Nijiura maids... who I realized never
  really had a fanbase unlike Yukai-san the drugged up maid who I've seen
  first on one of the sites here... well I may be one of Hikki-san's only
  fans but that's okay! I decided that I'm ditching line art entirely and
  I'm switching to art like this since it looks more true to my actual 
  Recent declassified shot of strange creature found in the abyssopelagic
  zone near Greenland. Convinced? heehee it's fake and I made that all up!
  I tried my best to make a convinving cryptid photo of the "Ningen" and
  this is what I came up with. I tried to replicate the text seen on ROV
  deep sea cameras.
  Here is the first artwork I've made for the site depicting the
  death of my original site (which I don't feel like naming because
  I enjoy the newness of a blank slate and don't wish for my cringe
  to be seen, however if you do find it then congradulations ig) I
  made this on MSpaint at 11pm while eating animal crackers and
  listening to yt videos about human filth as one does on a summmer
  night lolol. I'm also not a furry (not that that's a bad thing,
  I have friends who are furries) I just didn't feel like drawing 
  myself because I love basking in this new anonymity and I'm also
  thinking of making a cute little mascot for the site to represent
  myself with a face that's just different kaomojis for different 
  emotions but idk. I eventually will draw an accurate version of
  myself for the 'about me' page but for now we have this.